Crested Caracara

Image of Crested Caracara

Search carefully for this striking bird in the interior of Florida between Orlando and the Tamiami Trail. Crested Caracaras are often seen soaring with Black and Turkey Vultures, searching for carrion. However, they are generalists and will eat insects, vertebrates and eggs as well. When they aren't hungry, caracaras can be found perched conspicuously on fence posts or dead snags. Crested Caracaras have been recorded in the panhandle but these individuals probably originated from the western U.S population. The subspecies in Florida is known as Audubon's Crested Caracara; it is present year-round. There are only 250 pairs of this federally threatened subspecies nesting in Florida.

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Bird's habitat

Look for Crested Caracaras in open places like prairies, brushlands, grasslands, pastures, and fields; they nest in sabal palms.

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