Short-tailed Hawk

Image of Short-tailed Hawk

This often hard-to-find hawk breeds throughout central and south Florida in deciduous woodlands often located near water. This species can be seen all year in Florida, but they can be easier to find during the winter in the southern counties, particularly in Everglades National Park. From 10 a.m. onwards, between October and March, search the area around the Flamingo Visitor Center for soaring birds as they search for prey. Despite the name, the tail is not particularly short. Two color morphs are present in Florida, dark and light (the dark morph represents about 80 percent of the population in Florida). The current population estimate for this species in Florida is approximately 200 breeding pairs.

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Bird's habitat

In Florida, they nest in intact forests, often in freshwater swamps, while foraging in open areas, such as prairies and marshes.

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