Snail Kite

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Formerly known as the Everglades Kite, the Snail Kite can be found year-round in central and south Florida. This federally endangered species frequents freshwater wetlands where its primary food source, the apple snail, is abundant. During the winter, Snail Kites often form roosts in south Florida. Their population fluctuates from year to year, depending on suitable water levels and the food supply. As of fall 2008, it is estimated to be 700 to 800 birds, down from several thousand in the 1990s. Due to drought in south Florida in recent years, many Snail Kites have moved northward to the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes area in search of food.

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Bird's habitat

The Snail Kite frequents freshwater marshes and wetlands where its primary food sources, apple snails, are found.

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