Snowy Plover

Image of Snowy Plover

The diminutive Snowy Plover is a year-round resident of undisturbed, Gulf Coast beaches. This well-camouflaged species nests on large sandy beaches between April and July, laying three eggs (sometimes more) in a shallow scrape. They are easier to find in winter when they form small flocks and mingle with other shorebird species, particularly other plovers. Their diet includes insects, worms, crustaceans and other invertebrates. Due to habitat loss and disturbance, the Snowy Plover is listed as a threatened species in Florida. As the incubating females and nests are difficult to detect, the eggs and chicks are vulnerable to trampling by pedestrians and vehicles on beaches.

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Bird's habitat

In Florida, the Snowy Plover is predominantly found on Gulf Coast beaches and nearby mudflats.

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