White-crowned Pigeon

Image of White-crowned Pigeon

This shy, tropical pigeon is a locally common, summer breeder in south Florida and can sometimes be found wintering in the Everglades and lower Florida Keys. Adults have a distinctive white cap and a red bill with a pale tip. They build their nests primarily on islands with mangroves and hardwood hammocks to avoid predation. White-crowned Pigeons eat mostly fruit and berries; they are particularly fond of fruits from the poisonwood tree, strangler fig and blolly. Everglades National Park and Florida Keys are the best areas to look for this species between March and September. White-crowned Pigeons can sometimes be found at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park, one of their northernmost populations. Some Miami-Dade County parks such as Crandon Park: Bear Cut Preserve and Matheson Hammock Park are also worth a look. This species is state-listed as threatened.

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For more information, including a range map and sound recording, visit The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's All About Birds website.


Bird's habitat

White-crowned Pigeons nest primarily on islands and coastal areas with mangroves and hardwood hammocks in South Florida.

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