White-tailed Kite

Image of White-tailed Kite

A difficult bird to find in Florida that requires many hours of searching and a healthy dose of luck! Potentially, they can be found throughout the peninsula but are most reliable over open prairies between Orlando and the Everglades. White-tailed Kites only recently returned to breed in Florida in the mid-1980s; they had been absent for over 50 years. Unlike other kites in the U.S., it may hover while hunting. This raptor was formerly considered a subspecies of the Black-shouldered Kite.

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White-tailed Kites are often seen during the Big "O' Birding Festival


For more information, including a range map and sound recording, visit The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's All About Birds website.

Bird's habitat

White-tailed Kites prefer open areas, such as prairies, marshes, and fields.

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