New Birding Trail Road Signs Coming to a Site Near You!


Be on the lookout for new Birding Trail road signs throughout East Florida. The 18 counties of the GFBWT's East section were the first to receive road signs back in 2003, and our road signs must be replaced approximately every 10 years. Thanks to cooperation from the Florida Department of Transportation, and numerous county and municipal public works departments, replacement signs will be installed by the end of summer 2014. A 2012 survey of GFBWT users indicates that our Birding Trail signs perform a valuable service to Florida's residents and visitors, prompting many drivers to explore new sites "on the spot" or at a later date. It is estimated that birding and wildlife viewing generate nearly five billion dollars to Florida's economy each year.

If you observe a Birding Trail sign in need of attention, please contact the GFBWT coordinator at GFBT AT Thanks and we wish you safe summer travels in search of Florida's amazing birds and wildlife!

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