L66. Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park

Image of L66. Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park

SiteID: P66

Region: Panhandle

County: Leon

Nearest City: Tallahassee

Phone Number: 850-891-3975

Website: L66. Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park

Features/Amenities: Birding by foot/hiking, Birding by bicycle, Best time of day: Morning, Recommended length of visit: a few hours, Horseback riding

Habitats: Field/Pasture, Pines, Lake/Pond/Impoundment, Hardwoods/Mixed Forest


Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park on Lake Jackson has areas of longleaf pine restoration, but its real asset is the beautiful deciduous slope forest following the trickle of small streams down to the big lake. Eastern Bluebirds, Indigo Buntings and Wild Turkeys use open grassy areas along the powerline entrance and horse trailer entrance. As the trails dive into the hammock, start watching and listening for migrants like Wood and Gray-cheeked Thrushes and Blackburnian Warblers. Down by the large bat house on Lake Victoria at stop # 17, scope for Anhingas, Tricolored Herons and Ospreys; Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks have bred here recently. The Lake Jackson area is known for unusual sightings, like occasional wintering Western Tanagers, so bird with an open mind! Butterfly viewing is also quite good at this park, spring through fall. Unlike many sites, mid-summer has an impressive variety of butterfly species; look for spread-winged skippers, including Silver-spotted, Golden-banded, Hoary Edge and Southern Cloudywing along the woodland trails and in the open meadows. Trails at this park are extensive and winding. Pick up a trail map and butterfly checklist at the entrance (or download them from the website below) and pay attention to your chosen route.

Directions: From I-10 in Tallahassee, take exit 203 for US 319/SR 61/Thomasville Rd. Drive north for 0.9 mi. and turn left (west) on Maclay Rd. Follow Maclay Rd. for 2.2 mi. to its end and turn right (north) on N. Meridian Rd. Drive 1.0 mi. and turn left (west) on Miller’s Landing Rd.; the park entrance is 0.2 mi. ahead on the left (south) side of the road.

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Open dawn to dusk.

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Location: 30.536493, -84.280792