O106. Frog Pond Area (“Lucky Hammock”)

Image of O106. Frog Pond Area (“Lucky Hammock”)

SiteID: S106

Region: South

County: Dade

Nearest City: Homestead / Florida City

Phone Number: 561-686-8800 ext 6635

Website: O106. Frog Pond Area (“Lucky Hammock”)

Features/Amenities: Seasonal hunting, Birding by car, Birding by foot/hiking, Best time of day: Both morning and evening, Recommended length of visit: quick stop, Horseback riding

Habitats: Field/Pasture, Hardwoods/Mixed Forest


You may not believe this site when you first drive up to it. Although the actual site encompasses a large stretch of land around it, the main birding spot is a small tropical hammock that covers only a quarter of an acre. Don’t be fooled – this hotspot is known to local birders and is a stop on any day-long birding tour of the county. An island of lush growth in the middle of agricultural fields, Lucky Hammock is a haven for resident warblers, vireos, cuckoos, flycatchers and buntings (both Indigo and Painted). Catch it early in the morning during migration and you may be treated to a virtual rainfall of birds. This site is also known to attract rarities such as Vermilion Flycatcher and Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

Directions: From intersection of US 1 and SR 9336 in Florida City, drive 8.1 mi. west on SR 9336 and turn left (S) on Aerojet Rd. (at the “Everglades Youth Camp” sign); the site is 0.3 mi. on the right.

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Open all year, dawn to dusk.

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Location: 25.39691, -80.566005