I49. Tate’s Hell State Forest: Deep Creek Tract

Image of I49. Tate’s Hell State Forest: Deep Creek Tract

SiteID: P49

Region: Panhandle

County: Franklin

Nearest City: Eastpoint

Phone Number: 850-697-3734

Website: I49. Tate’s Hell State Forest: Deep Creek Tract

Features/Amenities: Bird by ear/Sites best for those with ability to ID bird calls the area, Seasonal hunting, Birding by car, Birding by foot/hiking, Best time of day: All day, Recommended length of visit: quick stop

Habitats: Freshwater Swamp, Freshwater Marsh/Wetlands


Two miles of dirt roads along the Deep Creek Tract give you quick, easy access to a wet prairie in the Apalachicola River basin. Insect eating pitcher plants line the ditches around this prairie, which measures several hundred acres. Watching for other recreational users, bird Tower Rd. by foot or from your car, as well as the first 0.75 miles of Deep Creek Rd., which divides the prairie in two. Watch for typical overwintering wetland sparrows like skulky LeConte’s, Grasshopper and Henslow’s, as well as more common Swamp and Song Sparrows. Swallow-tailed Kites use the cypress domes from March to August; wading birds like Snowy Egrets and Little Blue Herons are most concentrated from March to June. In winter, ducks use the prairie’s interior and American Bitterns may be seen along the edge; Bald Eagles, hawks and woodpeckers occur year-round. By summer, the sun is punishing and bugs are fierce, hence the state forest’s name! Seasonal hunting takes place at this GFBWT site; please CLICK HERE for information on dates, regulations and more.

Directions: From US 98/US 319/SR 30 east of Eastpoint, drive north on SR 65 for 7.3 mi. and turn right (north) on Tower Rd. After 1.1 mi., bear right (north) at the fork; the site is along the left (west) side of Tower Rd. and south side of Deep Creek Rd.

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Open dawn to dusk.