Camp Helen State Park


Surrounded by water on three sides, (Gulf of Mexico, Lake Powell and Philips Inlet) the peninsula provides access to the resources of the gulf and Lake Powell. Lake Powell is one of the largest coastal dune lakes in Florida. These only exist along Florida’s Gulf coast in the United States and are rare worldwide. Two miles of loop trails are available at this park. The main trail starts at the Rainbow Cottages, runs south across a footbridge, then loops through a coastal live oak hammock and dune system. A path from the loop’s south end leads to beachfront where Black Terns are possible in summer, Black-bellied and Piping Plovers in winter. Least Terns and Snowy Plovers have nested in the park. Salt and freshwater mixing at Philips inlet offers productive feeding for terns year-round, and wintering ducks like Redheads.

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