Garcon Point WMA: Garcon Point Trail


Gorgeous wet prairie occupies much of this preserve, with slightly elevated patches of longleaf pine-wiregrass community breaking the otherwise unobstructed horizon. A habitat of extremes, this landscape burns frequently and absorbs lots of rainfall; trails may occasionally hold water so water proof shoes are recommended. Biting flies and ticks are quite unpleasant from April to October, but the sheer beauty of this site makes it a must-see from November to March. Wet prairie sparrows like Henslow’s and Le Conte’s winter here and Cooper’s Hawks cruise the prairie for prey like Eastern Towhees and Loggerhead Shrikes. Yellow Rails have been found in winter. Pine Warblers call from the tree line and rare pitcher plants crowd the trail (stay on the trail to protect these Panhandle specialties!). From the south entrance, access the 1.7-mile loop trail through scrubby oaks and past an ephemeral wetland. From the north trailhead, the North Spur Trail runs 1.2 miles south to join the loop trail on its north border. See the Florida Trail Association’s website for additional information. Access to and from Pensacola Beach via SR 821 requires toll and may result in delays during peak travel times.

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