Parker Environmental Exploratorium Park

4700 Lake Dr., Parker, 32404
(850) 871-4104
Daily, sunrise to sunset


This site is an ecology park nestled among hickory, magnolia and oak hammocks on the shores of Martin Lake. Visitors can spend their time exploring the trails viewing the beautiful butterflies in their garden, or continue along the path to view the wildlife areas stopping at the outdoor classroom taking in the amazing view. Also along the trails time can be enjoyed observing and gathering information at the bird watching observation deck. Enjoy views of Ospreys, Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, Purple Martins and Least Terns, among others. Walk the park’s brief trail for more common woodland species such as Carolina Wrens, White-throated Sparrows (winter), Chimney Swifts and Great Crested Flycatchers. A butterfly garden on site attracts the occasional Ruby-throated Hummingbird, as well as butterflies like Common Buckeye and Gulf Fritillary.

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