St. Marks NWR: Aucilla River

County Rd 691, Lamont 32336
(850) 925-6121
Daily, sunrise to sunset

Located on the west side of the Aucilla River, the Jefferson County portion of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge can be accessed from the public boat ramp at the end of Mandalay Road in Taylor County. In spring and summer look for Swallow-tailed Kites cruising above the treetops and Yellow-crowned Night Herons and Green Herons feeding along the river’s edge. As you paddle south along the river you may encounter Limpkins, River Otters and maybe a Manatee! Once you reach the saltmarsh at the river’s mouth look and listen for resident Clapper Rails, Seaside Sparrows and Marsh Wrens, and in winter bay ducks such as Lesser Scaup and Bufflehead will be present. American Oystercatchers, Willets and Ruddy Turnstones frequent oyster bars when the tide is low and look for Bald Eagles and Ospreys in the skies above.

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