Wings Over Florida Application Form (Butterflies)

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Please read the rules before filling out this application.


A butterfly viewer's Florida life list is the total number of species seen by that butterfly viewer in Florida during his or her lifetime. Check the box next to each level you qualify for (NOTE: you can receive ALL the certificates you have qualified for). Qualifying limites are indicated in parentheses. Southern Dogface and Silver-banded Hairstreak certificate applicants will be asked (via email) to provide supporting documentation (e.g. word doc or eButterfly checklist) by the Wings Over Florida coordinator.

NOTE: Exotic or captive species are not countable for the Wings Over Florida program.

Wings Over Florida is a program of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of your certificate(s).

I state that all the butterfly species I have counted towards my Wings Over Florida certificate(s) were seen by me, that I have not counted any exotic or captive butterfly species and, all the information included in this application is true and correct. In making this application for recognition of butterfly species I have observed and indentified, I authorize the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to use this information for research, informational and other public purposes.