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February – Christmas Bird Count for Kids, Species Spotlight: Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Volunteering with FWC, Trail Site of the Month, Upcoming Events

January – Backyard Oasis, Birding Dictionary, Species Spotlight: Snail Kite, Trail Site of the Month, Upcoming Events


December – Birding Brings us Together, Birding Dictionary, Big Year Finale, Trail Site of the Month, Upcoming Events

November – Technology and Birds, Birding Dictionary, Christmas Bird Count, Site of the Month, Upcoming Events

October – Signs, Birding Dictionary, Short-tailed Hawk, Trail Site of the Month, Upcoming Events

September – Fall Migration, Wings Over Florida Story, Belted Kingfisher, Site of the Month, Upcoming Events

August – Critical Wildlife Areas, Volunteers, Wings Over Florida Story, Site of the Month, Upcoming Events

July – Wings Over Florida, iNaturalist, Bachman’s Sparrow, Site of the Month, Upcoming Events

June – Stygian Owl, Bug Hotel Build, Florida Scrub-Jay, Site of the Month, Upcoming Events

May – Heading North, Florida Nature Trackers, Site of the Month, Big Year Certificates, Upcoming Events


November – Wings Over Florida Update, Winter Sparrows, Fall Colors, Top 30 Species

October – Hurricane Irma updates, Chipley Park, Wings Over Florida field trip

September – Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park, Roseate Spoonbills, September events & Trip Planner.

August – Pitt & Sylvan Springs Recreation Area, Mississippi Kite, Joe Budd WMA field trip & Cardinals.

July – Swallow-tailed Kites, Florida Nature Trackers, NEW Checklists & Saturday share.

June – Black Skimmers, binoculars, kids activities, butterfly programs.

May – Upland birds. incredible migration, butterfly webpages & Global Big Day.

April – Bald Eagles, Horseshoe Crabs, National Garden month, Checklists & volunteer opportunity.

March – Burrowing Owls, WMA 75 update, Wings Over Florida butterfly program & eBooks.

February – Great Backyard Bird Count, Andy’s WMA Big Year, Wings Over Florida field trip schedule, Nest Boxes.

January – Wings Over Florida field trips, NEW website feature, Big Year certificates & eBooks.


December – Upcoming events, Babcock Webb WMA, 75th WMA Anniversary & eBooks.

November – Trail site webpages, iNaturalist, & Fox Squirrels.

October – Blackwater Fisheries Center, Florida Crossroads documentary, Sunset Saturday & eBooks.

September – Protecting Birds, Pelagic Birding Trip, Guia de Camp a las aves de Nortemerica & Wings Over Florida.