Gulf Islands National Seashore: Naval Live Oaks

Andrew Jackson Trail, Gulf Breeze, 32561
(850) 934 2600
8am to sundown

This hub for the national seashore spans the spit of land separating Santa Rosa Sound from Pensacola Bay. From the visitor center parking lot, scan the sound for wintering water birds such as Common Goldeneye and Horned Grebe. All three species of scoter have been observed here. During spring and fall migration, check the live oaks; 22 species of wood-warbler have been recorded including Golden-winged and Cerulean. Look carefully, you may find a rare visitor; a Philadelphia Vireo was found in October 2011 and during the winter months Brown Creepers and Red-breasted Nuthatches have shown up. Check the shoreline for shorebirds; Piping Plover and Bonaparte’s Gulls may occur in winter and Black Skimmers and Snowy Plovers between spring and summer.

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