Don’t you hate it when the doorbell or telephone rings just as you settle down to dinner or a nap? While mere nuisances to us, disruptions in feeding and nesting routines can spell disaster for birds, especially the cumulative effect of frequent disruptions, a common occurrence at busy sites such as beaches and waterways.

Basically, what we are trying to say is that although you are welcome to take a photograph of the birds in the area for your Instagram feed, it is important to be mindful of the way in which you approach them. When a nesting bird is forced to fly, it may leave eggs or young exposed to temperature extremes or predators. A migratory bird may be exhausted and hungry from a long flight. Essentially, it needs to rest and eat. With care and common sense, birders can help protect the birds they love to watch.

Wildlife photographers can be important advocates for birds, if they follow these simple guidelines and help educate their peers on the beach. Furthermore, because of the highly visual nature of their work, wildlife photographers are in a great position to use Instagram to successfully promote the need to protect local wildlife. In short, photos of beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and people enjoying the outdoors can highlight the importance of conservation in a way that words cannot. If you already publish photos on Facebook or Twitter, it makes sense to share them on Instagram as well.

Correspondingly, posting wildlife images on Instagram is a simple and quick way to expand your audience and boost your instagram followers. Just remember to be respectful of the birds that you are photographing to ensure that you do not cause any distress to the local wildlife. To learn more about taking wildlife photographs for Instagram in a safe way, take a look at this guide that explains How to Be a Shorebird-friendly Photographer.

While having a great time on the beach this summer please consider our beach-nesting birds! By following a few simple tips you can help conserve these special birds and help them raise their families. Share the Beach.