Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area

600 County Hwy 707, Jupiter, FL 33469
(561) 295 5953
Daily, sunrise to sunset

ONA Gopher Tortoise, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA by Peter De Witt

Located where the Indian River Lagoon and the Loxahatchee River meet, the 120-acre Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area offers excellent year-round birding and wildlife viewing. The 1.25‐mile south loop trail takes you from the south parking lot through a mosaic of habitats, including hardwood hammock, mangrove swamp, shoreline and scrub. These areas attract a wide variety of birds from warblers to waders. The proximity to the turquoise-blue gulf stream waters combined with mature fruiting trees along the trail make it an excellent place to see spring and fall migrants. Twenty-four species of wood warblers and five species of vireos have been recorded on-site. As you gaze up at the iconic lighthouse, check the sky for Magnificent Frigatebirds and other seabirds. An accessible trail extends from the north parking lot to a mangrove swamp overlook. Listen for Clapper Rails and other marsh birds. The adjacent one‐mile loop trail takes you through a scenic pine scrub area where raptors such as Merlins, Ospreys and Bald Eagles have been observed. Wildflowers throughout the site make it an excellent place to observe butterflies, and sightings of Bobcats, Gopher Tortoises and West Indian Manatees may also be possible on this congressionally protected site.