Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

4900 Heritage Park Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32311
(850) 891 3866
Daily, sunrise to sunset

Lafayette Heritage_By_Tara Tanaka 2014-06-21 2290379 Anhinga w WM (002)

Operated by the City of Tallahassee, this park offers a quick escape to an oasis of woods, water, and wildlife in the Southeast part of the city. It offers outstanding views of Lake Piney Z and access to seven “fishing fingers” (earthen walkways that extend out into the lake). Look for Common and Purple Gallinule, Wood Duck and occasional Limpkin and Forster’s Tern. Fishing finger #2 is ADA accessible and offers two viewing docks. Additionally, two levees provide further opportunity for wildlife viewing, with Lower Lake Lafayette to the east and Upper Lake Lafayette to the west. Birders can frequently observe Bald Eagle, Osprey, Wood Stork and a variety of wading birds and waterfowl. Lafayette Heritage Trail Park shares a border with Tom Brown Park to the West, L. Kirk Edwards Wildlife Management Area to the East and the J.R. Alford Greenway to the North, creating a rich and extensive habitat that can be explored via multi-use nature trails. Restrooms, picnic shelters and a playground are available at this location.