Lake Jesup Wilderness Area

5951 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, 32773
(407) 665-2211
Daily, dawn to dusk


This property lies on the north shore of the lake adjacent to Lake Jesup Park. Scan the area around the park’s boat launch for terns, wading birds and American White Pelicans. In the hammock behind the boat ramp, pick up a map of the wilderness area at the entrance kiosk. Great Horned Owls are possible here, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. The wilderness area has a hiking trail; as you hike in through the wet prairie, watch for White Ibis, Red-shouldered Hawks, winter sparrows, Eastern Meadowlarks and Marsh Rabbits. At the trail’s T-junction, veer right and follow the berm trail to the hydric hammock at the end. Here, you can watch for migratory songbirds in fall and spring, and resident Barred Owls year-round. Ospreys, Bald Eagles and wading birds all nest in the area, so be alert for flyovers. Marsh and Sedge Wrens can be found from fall to spring (learn to identify these cryptic and similarly-patterned species by their calls). This site is low-lying, and may flood due to seasonal fluctuations in Lake Jesup’s water levels. Thus, trails may be underwater at times, so be prepared to get your feet wet, especially in the summer rainy season.

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