Orlando Wetlands

25155 Wheeler Rd., Christmas, 32709
(407) 568-1706
Tuesday – Sunday (Closed Monday)

sunrise to sunset
Trail Map

Purple Gallinule

With more than 220 bird species and 63 butterfly species the Orlando Wetlands (now open year round) is a “must visit” for birders and wildlife viewers. This large wetlands treatment facility uses aquatic plants to polish already treated wastewater before discharging it into the St. Johns River. This process prevents algae blooms in the St. Johns and provides a fertile habitat for all kinds of wildlife! Look for Least and American Bittern (winter), Purple Gallinule, Limpkin and Osprey. Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Crested Caracara, Snail Kite and Short-tailed Hawk are possible. Watch for Purple Martin nesting in trees each spring – this is one of the few places east of the Mississippi where they nest in natural cavities! A hammock trail that begins at the parking lot and winds east around Lake Searcy and north through a hammock can be good for migratory songbirds. Check out the Wildlife Garden near the entrance and try to spot some butterflies: Palamedes Swallowtail, Pearl Crescent, Queen, Whirlabout and Carolina Satyr are common. Hiking is, for the most part, on raised, exposed dikes. Plan for full sun exposure and insects, and watch for summer thunderstorms. Large alligators also inhabit these wetlands, and may bask on the dikes. Reserve a tour on the park website, or stop in and visit the education center. A wetlands festival is held every other year on the 3rd Saturday of February.

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