Savannas Preserve State Park

2541 Walton Rd., Port St. Lucie, 34952
(772) 398-2779
Park and Trails: Daily, 8:00am to sundown
Education Center: Thursdays-Mondays, 9:00am-5:00pm

Savannas Preserve

“Savannas” (also known as freshwater marshes) formerly stretched along much of Florida’s southeastern coastline. This park now protects the coast’s largest remnant of this ecosystem, second in size only to the Everglades. This location was originally a saltwater bay, but as sea level dropped, it gradually became freshwater; today the depth is rarely more than 2 to 4 feet at any point. The savannas are recharged by rainwater; water levels fluctuate and provide refuge for Sandhill Cranes, Wood Storks, Roseate Spoonbills and migratory ducks. Begin your exploration of this site at the Environmental Education Center on Walton Road, where there are over 17 miles of multi-use trails. Pick up a trail map and hike through the flatwoods to the savanna overlook at the Canoe Launch, or you can choose to tow your canoe/kayak in and explore by paddle. Herons, egrets and other waders nest throughout the wetlands. Florida Scrub-Jays are resident at the park; however, these birds are only viewable during the Citizen Science Projects offered over during the summer months. Please call for details. Hawk’s Bluff Nature Trail, a 1-mile wilderness loop trail located off County Line Road is a must visit to see Purple Gallinules and assorted wading birds. This trail runs by Lake Eden and includes Atlantic Ridge scrub and maritime hammock. Other spots within this large property are available for guided hiking/paddling group tours; contact the park for more details.

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