Sportsman’s Cove Resort

5423 Avenue F, McIntosh, FL 32664
(352) 591-1435
Daily, sunrise to sunset


Sportsman’s Cove Resort is a privately-run fish camp on Orange Lake, an 18,000-acre lake known for its wading bird, shorebird and wintering duck populations. From the waterfront, you can scan for shorebirds and ducks from the comfort of a large bench, or bring your spotting scope to check the shoreline. Groups of 100 or more migratory Sandhill Cranes gather in winter on the flats near shore, and small numbers of resident Florida Sandhill Cranes may be found all year. Bald Eagles nest in the area and Swallow-tailed Kites are sometimes present in spring/summer. You may launch your own boat for a small fee to explore the lake. Lakes in this area are well known for their diversity in winter: shorebirds are thick here, and Common Loons, Pied-billed Grebes, Horned Grebes and even Red Phalaropes have been observed. When water levels are good (non drought years), Limpkins may be found around the waterfront (mornings are best). Look for the shells of mussels and apple snails. Scattered trees around the camp have Barred Owl and resident songbirds. If launching a boat, be aware that seasonal waterfowl hunting occurs on the lake; please click here for dates, regulations and more information.

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