Tomoka State Park

2099 North Beach St., Ormond Beach, 32174
(386) 676-4050
Daily, 8:00am to sundown


Birders and wildlife viewers can explore this State Park by land or by water. The Tomoka and Halifax Rivers border the park, offering a variety of experiences. Over 170 species of birds have been recorded in the park and Gopher Tortoises live here as well. Walk the park road from the Oak Picnic Area (just past the entrance) 1 mile north to the end of Tomoka Point. The low canopy makes for easy spotting of warblers like Black-throated Blue and Cape May that stop here during spring and fall migration. At the visitor museum, take the short interpretive trail which winds its way through a hardwood hammock. To bird by boat, launch from the boat basin (canoe and kayak rentals are available) and scan the rivers for Wood Storks, gulls and terns. In winter, American White Pelicans, Common Loons, and Bald Eagles are present. Swallow-tailed Kites cruise overhead in spring and summer. Watch for butterfly species such as Phaon Crescent, Gulf Fritillary and Great Southern White drinking nectar from lantana flowers. Giant Swallowtail, Little Wood-Satyr, Juniper Hairstreak, Fiery Skipper and Yucca Giant-Skipper are possible as well. Educational programs are available by appointment. Call in advance for details. Pontoon boat tours can be arranged with the park concessionaire; call for details.

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