Wabasso Scrub Conservation Area

8900 64th Ave., Sebastian, 32958
(772) 589-9223
Daily, 7:00am to sundown

To access this site, park in West Wabasso Park and look for the trailhead and entrance kiosk in the southeast corner of the park. This little-known conservation area protects a host of scrub-dependent species, including Florida Scrub-Jay, Florida Scrub Lizard, Gopher Tortoise, Gopher Frog and Curtiss’ Milkweed. A 1-mile hiking trail leads eastward, then southward through well-managed sand pine scrub, oak scrub, a small stand of flatwoods, and along seasonal freshwater wetlands. Four families of scrub-jays can be found on the area’s eastern and southern portions. Great Horned Owls are regularly seen on the south side of the property. Other birds you may encounter include Northern Bobwhites, Common Ground-Doves, Loggerhead Shrikes, Brown Thrashers, Eastern Towhee and Wood Storks (when water is present). Watch for Swallow-tailed Kites and Bald Eagles soaring overhead. Bring plenty of water and sun protection (shade is scarce here); early morning and late afternoon are best.

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