Wickham Park

2500 Parkway Dr., Melbourne, 32935
(321) 255-4307
Daily, dawn to dusk


Upon entering this trail site, pick up a map at the office on the right. Continue east and then northward for 0.5 mi. to a parking area by a large pond to access the multi-use trailhead. Scrubby flatwoods are home to resident Florida Scrub-Jays, Brown-headed Nuthatches and Northern Bobwhites, plus Painted Buntings and Chuck-will’s-widows (spring/summer). The open playing fields are good spots for Red-shouldered Hawks and Killdeer, while the wooded trails through xeric hammock provide good chances for migrants, including American Redstart and White-eyed Vireo . Consider camping here overnight and listen for Eastern Screech-owls and Common Nighthawks; Whip-poor-wills are possible in early spring. Multi-use trails on the east and north sides of the park are extensive and branch continuously; a GPS unit is especially helpful. Trails in the southeast quadrant have the most shade.

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