J. R. Alford Greenway

2500 S Pedrick Rd., Tallahassee, 32317
(850) 606-1470
Daily, sunrise to sunset

This greenway is a collection of old pastures and woodlands now used for passive recreation. Seventeen miles of multi-use trails invite many hours of exploration. From the parking area follow the trail due east across the first pasture (watch for Purple Martins and Eastern Bluebirds around the gourds and nest boxes) and veer either way at the fork to continue through a series of open fields. Watch overhead for Swallow-tailed and Mississippi Kites in the summer; small numbers of wintering Song and White-throated Sparrows can be found along the weedy edges. Pastures are managed for a mosaic of early succession habitats; Grasshopper Sparrows and Sedge Wrens skulk in the grass during the winter. American Kestrels, Eastern Phoebes and Loggerhead Shrikes stand lookout on snags and Wood Storks and Double-crested Cormorants can be seen flying overhead to Lake Lafayette at sunset. From the parking lot, another trail leads to the south and winds east through hardwoods good for Barred Owls and Yellow-throated Vireo (summer). Download a map and pay attention to your route. Trails can be confusing at times; a GPS unit is quite useful here. Consider biking this property to cover more ground.

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