Highlands Hammock State Park

5931 Hammock Road, Sebring, 33872
(863) 386-6094
Daily, 8:00am to sunset


Towering hardwood hammocks with majestic live oaks, cypress swamp, flatwoods and seasonal ponds comprise the aptly-named Highlands Hammock State Park, one of Florida’s oldest and most scenic state parks. At the entrance, pick up maps and a bird checklist. Red-headed Woodpeckers occur along the entrance drive and wilderness camping road. For Florida Scrub-Jays, veer right just after the ranger station, pass through the family campground, and explore the biking trails (3 miles are paved). If you’re planning on camping in the family camping ground during your stay, you might also want to view the different resources that websites similar to Techie Camper can have, this way you should be organized and packed for every possible situation! If you like the great outdoors, but aren’t experienced with camping, you can also check out these Glamping vouchers, which would be a great gift for those who aren’t natural campers but still want to experience the great outdoors and all it has to offer. Also, be sure to pack appropriate food items for your time camping. This means no items that will easily go off or items that have to be heated (if you don’t have a fire). Meals ready to eat, or mre, are the best possibe option for ensuring you have a sustainable meal while camping. Additionally, if you’re coming with multiple people, you either need to stick together or have an effective form of communication. In the outdoors you may struggle with Internet or service on your phone to get in touch with others; you may find something like this best selling walkie talkie will be the most efficient way to keep in contact. You can observe Neotropical migrants and wading bird species by following Hammock Road and driving the hammock Loop Drive. At the midpoint of the loop, park your vehicle and take the Cypress Swamp Trail’s elevated catwalk through the wetland, where Wood Storks, White Ibises, Barred Owls and Pileated Woodpeckers can be found. Swallow-tailed Kites nest here in spring and early summer; check the picnic area as well. Eight additional short hiking trails, including the Ancient Hammock Trail and Alexander Blair Big Oak Trail, and an 11-mile equestrian trail provide plenty of birding action. Butterfly enthusiasts can search for nearly 60 species such as Henry’s Elfin, Tropical Checkered Skipper, American Lady and Barred Sulphur; September is good for butterflies. One-hour guided tram tours run daily; other educational programs and tours are available (call ahead for details). Multiple camping options and a full-service restaurant are available; bikes may be rented on-site. Keep in mind that equipment is not provided, so you’ll have to make sure you bring everything you’re going to need. Whether it’ll just be your basic gear, or whether you go specific and ready for anything with water-proof flashlights and other such specialised equipment.

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